Adult Ninja Options

Adults can DEFINITELY ninja too! Most adults that are interested fear they are unable to ninja or don't know how. They fear they will mess up or look foolish. We promise to help and guide you through the steps of completing obstacles!  Come to any open gym and our staff will be there to help. 

Where to start? 

Come to any open gym. That is the best place to start. We also offer Teen/Adult/Advanced open gym. Don't be afraid of the name we have people with all skill levels here it is just a special time for adults, and advanced students to try daring new obstacles. This is typically Friday Nights 7-9

Very few people walk in to the gym and are able to just complete several obstacles, they need a little bit of guidance. Do not be afraid to talk with us/ ask for advice!

We would love to see you in our gym. Any questions at all please call or text us at 605-496-2082