Aerial Silk Kids Classes

Kids Silk Classes


Teen Level 1 / 2                 4:00-4:50PM            Age 13-17

Kids Beginner 1                5:00-5:50PM            Age 8-12

Kids Beginner 2               6:00-6:50PM            Age 8-12

Kids Lyra                            7:00-7:50PM            Age 8-14



Kids Beginner 1 / 2         10:00-10:50AM         Ages 8-12

Kids Level 3 & 4               6:20-7:10PM



Teen Level 2 / 3               2:00-2:50PM

Kids Level 3 / 4               7:00-7:50PM 


Kids Beginner 1 & 2       5:00-5:50PM

Kids Level 3 / 4               6:00-6:50PM

Must be age 8 to do Silk classes. 

(7-8 year olds must complete 3 private lessons with an instructor before joining classes) 

Kids must take Intro course before signing up for any other silk classes.

Intro To Silks Class 


Mixed Kids & Adult Intro.




Please arrive 10 minutes early to get checked in for your INTRO Class. After your child has completed their Intro course they can move on to our Foundations Class (Kids Silk 1) on Sunday evenings at 5PM or Thursdays at 5PM. 


 We also have the option of private lessons.

Please email for any questions.

Intro Class "Must be completed first*

Focuses on safety, proper body positions, and silk terminology. During class you will learn things like: tying the knot, different grips, poses, aerial drops, and climbing techniques.

Silks Foundations Class (Silks 1 & 2)

In this class you will learn beginner climbs, poses. You will also learn beginner drops using the knot. This class also focus on strength to learn more advanced skills. Must attend intro to silks first. Instructor will determine when your child is ready to move up in levels. 

What to wear for your first class? Leggings and a shirt that covers the armpits. Shorts are not recommended. No Socks or Shoes needed. Please remove jewelry as well. Also please don't wear anything with buttons or zippers; that way it won't snag or rip the silks. 

Please fill out the electronic waiver before class.

Aerial Silks Open Gym

Mondays @ 8PM

Tuesdays @ 8PM

Wednesdays @ 1PM

Thursdays @ 4PM & 8PM 

Sundays @ 7PM

This time is for those looking to get extra practice on moves they have already learned in class. This is not an instruction led class, but an instructor will be present to ensure safety.

Students must complete Intro to Silks prior to attending open gym.

Lyra 4 Week Summer Class

$80 per session 

Session 1: June 5th - June 26th

Session 2: July 10th - July 31st

Sundays at 7PM-8PM



Drop in class $25

Monthly Rate $87 for 4 classes

Questions or booking

Email or text

Text 605-496-2082