Classes $74/Month

Did you know Ninja is a full-fledge sport?

We offer fundamental classes for FUN fitness and exercise. We have multiple levels your Ninja can advance through as their skills progress. And we also offer many opportunities  to compete in competitions. 

Classes are 1 time per week. (If you would like to do 2 or more classes a week the cost is $50 extra per added class. You select which class they would like to attend. We have Ninja & Parkour Classes to choose from.

Not sure which class is right for you? 

Try a Trial Class for FREE!! 

Ninja Classes- Focused around obstacle training, exercise, and balance obstacles.

Parkour Classes- focused around speed, power and agility. Learn safety rolls, speed & safety vaults. Parkour tricks, jumps and moves.

Our classes are led by ADULT instructors and offer great student to teacher ratios. For optimal safety and learning.


Email :

Call or Text : 605.496.2082

Classes equal out to be 4 per month. The dates below are the dates of no class with no make-ups. 

Dates of NO CLASS

July 3rd, 4th 

August None 

September 7th-9th

October 12th, 23rd-24th

November 26th, 29th

December 24th-26th

Kids may join at anytime based on availability. Our classes run month-to-month. Annual Registration Fee is $25 for 1st child $15 for each additional. Classes are charged on the 5th of each month.

No experience Necessary!

We do offer intermediate and advanced classes.  To be placed in one your Ninja will need to do a Fundamentals class and get a Instructor Invite. If you have questions please ask one of the coaches or give us a call. 9 year olds can swing either way in our beginner classes.

Monday Classes

3:05-4:00pm    FUNdamentals ages 6-9yrs /


4:00-4:55pm    Skilled Ninja 

5:00-5:55pm    FUNdamentals ages 6-9yrs

6:00-6:55pm    Skilled Ninja 

7:00-7:55pm    Advanced 

7:45-8:40pm    Pro Ninja 

Tuesday Classes

3:30-4:25pm     Skilled Ninja 

4:30-5:25pm     Pro Ninja 

Wednesday Classes

5:00-5:55pm     Skilled Ninja 

6:00-6:55pm    FUNdamentals ages 6-9yrs

7:00-7:55pm    Advanced Ninja 

Thursday Classes

10:00-10:55am  All Levels Split into Groups 

3:30-4:25pm    FUNdamentals ages 6-9 & 9-15yrs

5:00-5:55pm     Competitive 

6:00-6:55pm    FUNdamentals ages 6-9yrs 

7:00-7:55pm    Teens Skilled Ninja                                       

Saturday Classes

9:00-9:55am     Skilled Ninja

10:00-10:55am  FUNdamentals ages 6-9 / 9-15yrs

Parkour Classes Ages 8+ 

Tuesday Nights

6:00-6:55pm Parkour 1 

7:00-7:55pm Parkour 2


Adults are welcome to come to our structured open gym for adults Friday nights 7-9pm $13

(Times subject to change; check the electronic calendar or call) 

This is for anyone over the age of 12 wanting to learn how to do obstacles or try full course runs.  If you are looking for more adult specific training we do offer private lessons!


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Open Gym Hours: Please click link below.

Phone hours- Call or text us anytime! 496-2082

Walk Ins welcome during any Open Gym hours.

Are we not open when you want to come? Give us a call or text we may be able to accommodate

Located at the Western Mall


on the South/West Corner

2101 W. 41st Street. Suite 41

Sioux Falls, SD 57105


Phone: 605-496-2082