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Youth Ninja Classes
Ages 6-14


605 Ninja offers the BEST class experience in Sioux Falls. Our staff are experienced, energetic and know how to get kids moving. We have seen amazing things from obstacle training since we opened in 2018 & can't wait to help your child experience NINJA. There is no experience required and kids from all ages and backgrounds have had great success.

We also offer Parkour Classes which are focused around speed, power and agility. This is less upper body and more lower body. 

Our Ninja Classes Start at age 6+. We do offer Mini Movement for Ages 3-5. Check that information out here. --> Mini Ninja

We realize a lot of kiddos want to join ninja prior to the age of 6. We currently only offer 2 options for ages 3-5 year olds. Check out our Mini Ninjas page. 



$97 / month ( 1 Class per week) 

Classes equal out to be 4 sessions per month. We have a list of no class dates with no make-ups.  Our classes run month-to-month. No sessions. No contracts. Annual Registration Fee is $25 for 1st child

or $50 family (multiple students.)

Classes are charged on the 25th of each month. 

Kids aged 6+ may join at anytime based on availability; we currently have a waitlist for some of our classes. Cancelations need to be emailed by the 20th of the month. 

In order to get signed up in a class you must fill out the form or contact us by phone, text, email (You cannot sign up for classes online)

All ninjas start in FUNdamentals and will be moved up by a coach when they are ready. 

Advanced Ninja (Level 3) 

Monday                5:00-5:50PM         


Tuesday                3:30-4:20PM 

Wednesday         7:00-7:50PM 

Saturday              9:00-9:50AM 

Pro (Level 4) 

Monday               6:00-6:50PM                                                     (Young Pro) 

                              7:50-8:40PM   (All Ages) 

Tuesday              4:30-5:20PM                                                     (Coach Invite) 


Wednesday          4:00-4:50PM 

                          (Young Pro. Starts Sept. 6th)   

Teen / Adult Classes 

Wednesday        8:00-9:00PM

                             (Adult Courses) Sept. 6th

Thursday             7:00-7:50PM (Teen) 

Thursday             8:00-9:00PM (Adult) 


Parkour Classes 

Find more info on the Parkour Page

Tuesday Nights

5:30-6:20pm Parkour 1 

6:30-7:20pm Parkour 2

7:30-8:20pm Parkour 3 & 4

Fundamentals (Level 1) 

Monday                    3:05-3:55PM    


Tuesday                   5:30-6:20PM

                                   (Starts Sept. 5th)

Wednesday            5:00-5:50PM     



Thursday                3:30-4:20PM      


Saturday               10:00-10:50AM   

Skilled Ninja (Level 2) 

Monday               4:00-4:50PM 



Tuesday               3:30-4:20PM 


                            (Starts Sept. 5th) 

Wednesday        5:00-5:50PM 



Saturday             9:00-9:50AM 


Course Classes 

Thursdays Nights 

5:00-5:50pm 7U & 9U Division

6:00-6:50pm 11U & 13U Divison

7:00-7:50pm Invite Only 

Wednesday 8:00-9:00PM Adult Courses

Starts Sept. 6th

Our Course classes are a great addition to a regular skill level class. These classes are designed to prep for competitions and train combining obstacles together to build stamina & endurance. If you have questions about these classes please talk to a coach or call / text us!

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