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Parkour Class

Interested in learning all about Parkour? Come try out our class. 
Ages 8 and up

First Class is FREE! 

Parkour is the art of getting from Point A to Point B in a fast, efficient manner. This class is more skill focused and lower body oriented. It's designed to improve speed, agility, and body movements. 

Skills you will learn: 
Precision Jumps 
Climbing Techniques 

Front / Sides Flips 

Class Times

Tuesday Evenings 
Parkour 1      5:30PM
 Parkour 2      6:30PM
              Parkour 3       7:30PM             

If you are interested in doing a trial class. Please give us a call or text at 605-550-8770. You must arrive at 5:15PM to learn the basics before the class starts at 5:30PM. 

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