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Competition Info

We have 4 types of competitions at 605 Ninja. We host 6-8 competitions per year and offer 6-8 competitions out of town that coaches attend. All competitions are optional and each competition has a registration fee. Travel and lodging is the responsibility of the families. 

Which competition is right for your student? 

  • 1 st Timer Competition (Local @ 605 Ninja): designed for athletes who have competed 0-3 competitions. These are low key and fun and designed to get kids experienced in competing in a low pressure environment .

  • Skill Level Competitions: these competitions are designed for 605 Ninja athletes only who are in our current classes. 

  • NCNS (North Central Ninja Series) Midwest League: Midwest Series designed by us and our fellow midwest gym owners. This league is for anyone 6-Adult and resides in ND, SD, NE, MN, IA, WI. There are qualifier competitions in ND, SD, MN & IA. Then each year there’s a big final event in the midwest for those who qualify!

  • UNAA (Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association: National League - this competition league is one of the largest in the country. We host 2 qualifiers and 1 Regional and if kids qualify there’s a national finals event in California this summer 2024. Anyone can compete in this league! 

Runs April through November

Here are the dates and locations for ALL the NCNS Competitions. 

605 Ninja Qualifier 

August 3rd & 4th 

Registration will open roughly 6 weeks beforehand. 

Registration will open in June

Runs September through July. 
Here are the d
ates and locations 
that are in close proximity. 

World Finals Event 

California July 24th-28th,2024


605 Ninja - CALI BOYS - Multi Stage Competition 

May 25th & 26th, 2024 

Multiple stages! Prizes! Fun courses! 🏆

This is a 3 stage competition & EVERYONE runs Stage 1 & Stage 2! 💨

This is a non-league affiliated competition and anyone ages 12+ can compete. 🤘🏻

This is a California themed competition! 🏝️

The courses are designed to be challenging and there will be pro level ninjas competing. 💪🏻

*There are not traditional age divisions.
Ages 12 & Up - Male
Ages 12 & Up - Female

Upcoming Competitions

These competitions are open to all 605 Ninja Members Ages 6-14.

The goal of these competition is to allow ninjas to put all their hard work to the test on an obstacle course and to have fun while doing it.

1st Timer 
Ninja Competition

June 21st, 2024
5 PM - 9 PM


Skilled Ninja

June 14th, 2024
5 PM - 9 PM

Advanced & Pro Ninja Competition

June 7th, 2024

5 PM - 9 PM

This is a Ninja competition that is open to anyone that has never competed before or has competed in up to 4 competitions.

This is a ninja competition that is open to anyone in Fundamentals that has previously competed or in Skilled Ninja. (Open to 605 Ninja Members Only) 

This is a ninja competition that is open to anyone in Advanced Ninja or Pro Ninja. (Open to 605 Ninja Members Only

May 31st, 2024
5 PM - 9 PM

This event is going to be so much fun. You will get to do an hour and a half of side-by-side racing through upper body obstacles and as well lower body obstacles. This is designed for all skill levels, ages six and up. 

Adult Competition

June 14th, 2024

5 PM - 9 PM

This event is open to any adults 16+. Come test out your Ninja skills on a course. 

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